The Unions functions mainly through its Council and its four Departments. They are:

  • Mission and the World-wide Church
  • Churches and their Ministry
  • Christian Citizenship
  • Christian Witness

The Union’s Executive, whose members are also its Trustees, meets three times annually to discuss Union activities and a wide range of other subjects. The Executive is accountable to the Annual Assembly.

The Assembly is held over three days during June or July.


The Union’s staff are small in number. At the present time, it employs a General Secretary, an Administrative Secretary, an Administrative Assistant, a Support and Resources Officer, a Network Facilitator and Communications Officer, a Publications Officer and a Press Officer (part-time).

The Union’s Logo

Logo'rUndebThe Union’s logo consists of a cross with an open Bible at its centre with a key resting on its pages. This key symbolizes that the Bible is the means to unlock the mysteries of life and unveil the secrets of God’s dealings with the world.. The Bible is also the key to the door that leads to the salvation that God has provided for us through Jesus Christ, and through Christ to God’s Kingdom. (See Mathew 16:19).

The crown of thorns at the top of the cross signifies the suffering and sacrificial death of Christ, and at the same time the principle of self-sacrifice that is so central to the Christian faith. The vine pictured around the cross and which is rooted in it, is intended to remind us that the lives of the church and of each disciple depend totally on Jesus, the True Vine; at the same time, it reminds us of the need to bear fruit to the glory of God. (See John 15).

The circle on which the vine is growing represents the wholeness of life, and provides the logo with a Celtic nuance.

The logo was first used by the Union in the early 1950s. It is therefore well over 50 years old.