Welcome to the Way : Y Ffordd!

The aim of Y Ffordd is to encourage a discussion on Christian themes, in order to strengthen faith and confidence, equipping people to share the Gospel and reach out to their communities.

It’s suggested that people get together in small groups to watch the videos and discuss their content, as this is often the best way of getting the most out of the course. The videos should also be used with the written material that can be found alongside each link. These will guide you to suggested themes and questions.

Y Ffordd is a four year course, with four chapters to each year. It’s possible to watch the videos in a series, or independently of each other.

An introduction to the course (Welsh)

If you would like to subscribe to the course then you can hit the ‘subscribe‘ button on YouTube, or receive DVD’s from our offices in Ty John Penri, by contacting 01792 795888.