Union’s Easter Message

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While celebrating Easter as an historic event, Christians should also activate the eternal hope of the Resurrection by striving to alleviate the desperate plight of many people today, said Dafydd Roberts, of the Union of Welsh Independent churches.

“We can view the Crucifixion and the Resurrection as part of a continuing process – from cruelty and despair to an unexpected hope,” he said. “We must extend the hope of Easter Sunday to those who live in the horror of the shadow of Calvary, be that war, famine or suffering of any kind, through prayer and contributing to charities that work in difficult and dangerous countries – such as Syria and Yemen.

We must not use the misconduct of some individuals employed by charities as an excuse to stop contributing to the vital work of helping to sustain the lives of millions of children and adults in many parts of the world. That is our hope to them in their horror.”

(Dafydd Roberts Chair’s the Union’s Council.)