Union’s Christmas Message

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Christmas has an amazing power to overcome hatred and conflict, but the spirit of goodwill is often short-lived, said Dr Geraint Tudur, General Secretary of the Union of Welsh Independent churches. “We live in an era of great political bitterness, mainly due by Brexit,” said Dr Tudur, “bitterness which is fuelled by inflammatory press headlines and hatred towards individuals on social media. Such personal abuse can be deeply hurtful and may even make people fear for their own safety. There may be a brief ceasefire, but I’m afraid that the Christmas spirit will soon evaporate as the Brexit process moves forward. It would be wonderful if politicians and public alike put into practise the words of carols and scripture about “peace on earth” and “goodwill to all” – words which are read or sung with gusto, but too often forgotten in no time at all.

“We also tend to be more generous towards the poor in society during the Christmas period,” said Dr Tudur. “But, as Jesus said, the poor are always with us. They need our support all year round, and especially so as the new Universal Credit benefits system is being rolled out. In their case also, we need to hold the spirit of Christmas in our hearts at all times and help the poor and needy whenever and wherever we can.”