Union President’s Easter Message

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Only the love of God can cleanse the world of the poisonous hatred manifested at its most horrific in the use of chemical weapons, said Glyn Williams, President of the Union of Welsh Independents in his Easter message.

“Although chemical weapons are banned under the Geneva Protocol, chemicals like Sarin are still being used to kill people in a most horrific manner. Sarin is a laboratory product, but its use is the product of man’s hatred
against fellow human beings.

“Hatred is one of the negative human traits that the Bible calls sin. Jesus himself suffered the consequences of that hatred when he was tortured and killed for preaching the love of God in the poisonous political atmosphere of the Middle East in the 1st century,” said Mr Williams.

“But Christ’s victory over sin and death itself is a demonstration of God’s ability to cleanse us of those things which poison our lives – at a personal level and in society. Only the power of God’s love can rid mankind of the poisonous hatred which results in war and the use of chemical weapons to kill men, women and children.”