The Future of Humankind at COP26 

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Revd Beti-Wyn James, President of the Union of Welsh Independents.


Climate change is the greatest ever threat to the human race, and swift and robust action must be taken if we are to safeguard the future of our species on this planet – that’s the urgent message of one of Wales’ Christian leaders on the eve of the COP26 conference in Glasgow. 

‘COP26 must be more than a talking shop if we are serious about protecting the future of humankind,’ said the Revd Beti-Wyn James, President of the Union of Welsh Independent churches. ‘Climate change is not a future event – it’s happening now, with severe flooding, massive fires, and rising sea levels. 

‘If the rise in global temperature is not limited to 1.5°C or less by 2050, the consequences will be dire. The politicians must listen to the scientists, and to the young people who care so much about their future. They have to listen – and act. 

‘There are 2.5 billion Christians world-wide, and as people who believe that this is God’s earth, we have a special responsibility to ensure that international leaders hear our voice.’ 

‘But at the same time, we have a responsibility ourselves to change our lifestyles, while also accepting that we’ll be called upon to make financial sacrifices to pay for tougher measures introduced to cut carbon fuels.’