Sunday Trading Petition

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The President of the Union of Welsh Independents is urging people to sign an on-line petition opposing longer opening hours in large stores on Sunday. The petition has been arranged by the shop workers union USDAW in response to pressure by politicians for a relaxation of the law during the present pandemic. USDAW says that would ‘change the nature of Sundays forever’ and put more strain on about a million workers and their families.

Sunday still a special day

‘The current law, which allows large shops to open for just six hours, recognizes that Sunday is still a special day,’ said the Revd Jill-Hailey Harries. ‘Staff can enjoy a few extra hours with their families before the new working week begins. They deserve a break because they work hard in a very difficult environment to ensure the public has enough food and other goods during this great crisis.

Permanent arrangement?

‘Politicans calling for a temporary change in the law say it would only be for a year, but many fear we wouldn’t revert to the current arrangement afterwards,’ said the Revd Jill-Hailey Harries. ‘I respectfully invite people to sign the USDAW union petition.’

You can do that via this link:

Note: The Sunday Trading Act 1994 prohibits shops over 280 square meters from opening for more than six hours on Sundays. An attempt by David Cameron’s government to extend hours was defeated in 2016, but it’s understood that Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Rishi Sunak and other leading politicians are in favour of the proposed change.