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Here is the latest update from Cytun’s Policy Officer, Revd Gethin Rhys.  We are grateful for their guidance and support during these times.

Gethin writes..

We are still waiting for Welsh Government to publish guidance for compiling risk assessments for churches under the Level 0 regulations. We are not sure what the reason is for the delay. In the mean time:

  1. We are pleased to have been able to publish on the Cytûn website five steps towards risk assessment by David Oliver, Church and Leadership Consultant. The coument was initially compiled for the Elim Pentecostal denomination, so its presuppositions are from within the ‘free church’ tradition, but the principles can be adapted for any situation. It is available in English and Welsh – go to our website https://www.cytun.co.uk/hafan/en/covid-19-briefing-paper/ and scroll down to the ‘Risk assessments’ section. This new document is the second document available for download in this section.
  2. The Church in Wales has produced guidance and a template for risk assessment for churches, which can be adapted for use by other denominations. It has also produced specific risk assessments for (infant) baptism; weddings and funerals; communion; and for church halls. These can all be found on the Church in Wales’ website.
  3. Welsh Government has prepared a template for a Covid risk assessment. The Health and Safety Executive has produced a similar Covid risk assessment template. Not all sections will be relevant to all places of worship, and there may be other risks which you should consider, but either template is recommended as a useful starting point for churches drawing up their own risk assessments, and can be used alongside David Oliver’s document.
  4. Welsh Government is also producing action cards for a variety of settings and types of activity. The complete selection can be accessed here. A number of churches will need to use the cards for retail, cafés, large events (indoor and outdoor) and visitor attrcations, as appropriate. We anticipate that a places of worship action card will appear on this page in due course – so it is worth keeping a note of the link and checking it from time to time.
  5. Similar action cards for children’s and youth activities can be found here.

Due to Cytûn staff holidays, we will not be able to publish a further update until mid September, but we will do our best to draw attention via our social media channels to the places of worship guidance when it is published. We hope that the information above and Cytûn’s website will provide useful assistance in the mean time.


Pob bendith – Blessings