President’s St David’s Day Message

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Tr alun evans 2015he great debate on the future of the UK in Europe must not be allowed to disrupt the Welsh Assembly elections, said the Revd Dr R. Alun Evans, President of the Union of Welsh Independents in his St David’s Day message. Dr Evans calls on people to consider devolved matters, such as education and the NHS, when casting their vote in May.

“As we celebrate St David’s Day and the survival of our small nation, the time will soon come for us to think about Wales’ future. The National Assembly election in May is an opportunity for us to consider what the parties offer in two crucial areas: health and education.

“These two services are rooted in Christianity. For a thousand years, from the time of David and the other saints onwards, the monks were responsible for providing medical care. The words ‘hospice’ and ‘hospital’ date from that era. The monasteries were also centres of learning and culture.

“In the 18th century, a high percentage of Welsh people learned how to read the Bible, thanks to the Revd Griffith Jones’ ingenious idea of setting-up circulating schools. Once people learned to read the Bible, there followed a great demand for all kinds of books and periodicals. Ever since then, the Welsh have put special emphasis on education.

“Unfortunately, the great debate about the future of the UK in Europe is bound to overshadow the National Assembly elections. Such debate should be saved for the referendum. As regards the Assembly election, I urge the Welsh people to seriously consider which party offers the best deal for health and education, issues that have an enormous impact on our daily lives. We should focus on these when deciding how to cast our vote on May 5th,” said Dr Evans.