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Here’s the latest news from Ireneé Rajaona-Horne, the Chief Executive of Money for Madagascar, the charity that distributes the funds raised in our Madagascar Appeal.

Covid is now gripping Madagascar. My heart is aching for colleagues and friends that we have lost to Covid in recent weeks and with fear for more we may lose as the Covid situation in Madagascar become very frightening . This time it’s not just a financial crisis for households in lockdown it’s a medical crisis. The South African variant is spreading fast. In a country with almost no medical infrastructure and certainly no free medical care or state welfare, the outlook is bleak. Oxygen canisters are now extremely scarce to come by, and at £60 per canister they are also beyond the reach of most of the population. The country is now running out of coffins, traditional funeral rights can not be observed and there is talk of schools being closed and turn into emergency covid clinics. We are frightened, but we must be brave and stand in solidarity with our friends and colleagues in Madagascar, to help them keep safe and try to protect as many as possible of the vulnerable people who depend on our projects.

  Thankfully, the exchange rate has been very favourable on the grants that Money for Madagascar has been sending to Madagascar for the 4 projects chosen by the UWI. This means that we still have £14,500 of funds raised by the UWI which we can send to Madagascar. This money could be a genuine lifeline to the 4 UWI partners in this time of emergency. For example the SAF dispensary needs funds to purchase PPE and hand gel to keep staff and patients safe. Staff at the Ivato theological college are already sick and this is likely to replicate at other projects. So all 4 projects will need funds to invest in preventative and curative health care to keep their staff strong. The two children’s centres AAF and Topaza will need to stockpile medicines, food, soap and educational activities in case of a likely imminent lockdown to protect their children.

We are very happy to have this spare pot of UWI funds to be able to offer the 4 project in their time of need. MfM does support a number of projects in addition to the 4 UWI projects. Should anyone feel compelled to help our Malagasy friends in this hour of need, we would we very glad to raise funds to be able to help our other projects in the same way as we are able to help the 4 UWI projects.

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Thank you. 

Ireneé Rajaona-Horne

Money for Madagascar CEO