New Welsh Bible App

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A new app which will enable Welsh-speakers to read the Bible on their mobile phone or iPad has been launched at the Welsh Eisteddfod at Meifod today. It offers three translations of the Bible: one from 1588, another from 2004 and the most recent,, written in colloquial Welsh.

Arfon Jones 03-2015 i'r weThe translator of, Arfon Jones, produced the app with the aid of the Bible Society. He said, “The app is a really exciting project. Having it as an app means that people can read the Bible without a wifi connection on their phone. Many young people prefer to read their Bibles on a mobile phone. It makes it easier for them.

“We are trying to reach out to young people in new ways. Church has its own vocabulary and it doesn’t mean anything to 90% of the population. Ultimately I’m hoping this will get people to be challenged by Jesus. But I’m also hoping it will challenge people’s perceptions about what the Bible actually teaches.”

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Christine Daniel, Head of Bible Society Wales said, “The people of Wales have known the Bible to be life-changing and formative for many generations. We hope this new app will bring the Bible to younger generations across Wales.”