New Peace Network

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Are you concerned about all the conflict in the world? Do you think more should be done to campaign for peace at a local level? If so, come to Noddfa chapel, Bow St near Aberystwyth, this Thursday (April 23) at 11.00.

Are churches active enough in the cause of peace? Is there enough preaching about peace from the pulpit? ‘NO’ is the answer, according to the Revd Guto Prys ap Gwynfor, Chair of the Independents’ Peace Society. At present, the Society does little more than hold a meeting during the Annual Meetings of the Union, but the new Peace Network may be more proactive.

The first meeting of the Peace Network will be chaired by Guto, who said: “Our duty is to announce the message of the Gospel to a world that is becoming more and more dangerous. The churches should be more proactive in the cause of peace. There should be more preaching on this theme. After all, peace, love and justice are the essentials of the Christian faith.” The vision for the next few years will be discussed, in particular how to raise awareness about the cause of peace among the churches and Associations.

This is a crucial issue. Everyone is WARMLY WELCOMED to Noddfa.

11:00 to 3:30


Reverends Guto Prys ap Gwynfor, Iwan Llewelyn Jones and Ron Williams.

Bring a packed lunch (or there’s a food shop about 5 minutes drive from Noddfa).