Letter to David Cameron

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Dear Prime Minister,

I write as Chair of the Christian Citizenship Committee of the Union of Welsh Independent Churches. Hywel Wyn 300 we 05-15

We commend your government’s decision to receive 20,000 refugees over the next five years, but believe that the numbers could be increased considerably in line with other European countries.

We totally disagree with the decision to restrict entry to those who are already in refugee camps. Such a policy does not begin to meet, let alone alleviate, the present situation within the EU. We also believe that the danger of such a policy will be to give preferential treatment to refugees who are seen as ‘acceptable’ in social and employment terms, and that those who are without education and skills will be forgotten.

We realize that the situation in Syria is a complex one with no easy solutions, and we commend the aid that has been extended by the UK government since the crisis developed.

We are totally opposed to the Chancellor’s proposal of using the International Aid budget to meet the costs of the refugees during the next year. We are glad that your government has kept to the decision that 0.7% of GDP be ring-fenced for International Aid. The Chancellor’s proposal will deprive developing countries and projects of desperately need financial support. We strongly believe that the government should finance the refugees from other sources. The Chancellor’s proposal is mean spirited and immoral in depriving poor people of aid to help those who are destitute.

We ask you to review your government’s response, to increase the number of refugees, to include those who are already within EU boundaries, and to provide sufficient financial support from sources other than the International Aid budget.

Yours sincerely

Revd Hywel Wyn Richards