Government Guidelines

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We are sincerely grateful to the Revd Gethin Rhys and the Cytûn team for their guidance with the current Government Guidelines for our churches. In his first bulletin of the year, Gethin outlines the latest for us below

Since I finished work on December 23, Welsh Government has published updated guidance regarding:

  • Marriage and civil partnership services – This new guidance (and the current Regulations) now permit the holding of an “alternative wedding ceremony” – such as a service blessing a civil marriage or a religious (or non-religious) ceremony which does not include legal registration of the marriage.
  • Funerals – Unfortunately, this guidance includes an erroneous reference to the possibility of holding a celebration (such as a funeral tea or wake) for 15 people. In fact, such celebrations are not currently permitted – a funeral service only may be held.

Cytûn’s web page has been updated to take account of this new guidance –

Welsh Government guidance regarding community centres has not yet been updated, but they can currently open only to provide essential voluntary services and public services. Further guidance on this is on the Cytûn website.


Pob bendith a blwyddyn newydd dda – Blessings for the new year