Easter Prayer

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Lord of the Springtime,

Take pity on your world in its distressed state;

as fear fades the flowers and the song of the birds,

and the miracle of a new season loses its wonder.

Lord of the Spring,

although winter has faded and the days are lighter

we still live in the dark prison of uncertainty,

worrying about what tomorrow may bring.


Lord of the Garden,

comfort us in our Gethsemane –

in the sweat and trembling of our confusion,

not knowing which way to turn or how to escape.

Lord of the Garden,

sustain us in our weakness –

give us confidence to surrender to your will,

accepting every day as it comes.


Lord of the Resurrection,

help us to see beyond the Golgotha of our condition –

beyond the mountains of our sorrows

to the level lands of freedom and wonder.

Lord of the Resurrection,

plant the immortal Spirit of Christ in the earth of our souls –

the Spirit which enables us to transend our mortal state;

and let the spring bloom again in our lives.