Covid-19 Update from Cytûn

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Here’s the latest information from Cytûn’s Policy Officer, Revd. Gethin Rhys.

  1. Welsh Government has published regulations for re-opening Wales following the firebreak lockdown on November 9. The Government promised that these new regulations would be “simpler” than the previous ones. The – unfortunate but not unexpected – result is that they have grown from 34 to 56 pages in the process of simplifying them, with a multitude of cross-references internally and to other legislation. The attached is, therefore, an initial attempt to explain them, and I will welcome corrections, questions and improvements. We hope that these regulations, or amendments to them, will now be in force for some months. Unfortunately, not all the related guidance – including guidance on places of worship, community centres and cafes – has yet been updated. As changes occur, our website will be updated at and you should seek the latest information there.
  2. The UK Government has announced the extension of the Job Retention (furlough) scheme until the end of March 2021. HMRC’s announcement about the extension is available here – scheme is available to businesses whether they are open or closed, but the full regulations will not be published until November 10. Taxation law is a specialised field, and you are advised to seek professional advice if you are unsure how to proceed.
  3. I also take the opportunity to attach a letter to faith communities from Deputy Minister Jane Hutt.