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Here’s the latest news from Cytûn Policy Officer; Revd Gethin Rhys

The Welsh Government announced today a further update of the Covid-19 regulations – see

The changes in this update do not directly affect places of worship, but in making the announcement the First Minister referred to changes that will be considered in three weeks’ time (September 11):

We will look at ways of safely resuming small group meetings indoors – weight loss classes, book clubs or face-to-face training, for example.

In answer to a later question in the news conference, he added “small social gatherings” to this list, and confirmed that this refers to activities held in community centres (including community use of places of worship).

This confirms the advice issued earlier this week (reproduced below and on Cytûn’s website – that these activities are NOT currently permitted within places of worship or community centres in Wales. I know that a number of places of worship are coming under intense pressure by those who arrange such activities to allow them to be held, but while forward planning may begin now, the activities themselves should not resume until the Regulations are changed to permit them.

  • I heard today from Welsh Government that new, detailed, guidance regarding community centres will be published at the end of next week. Until then, please adhere to the guidance in the email below. (The guidance on community centres currently on the Welsh Government website relates to regulations which have been changed substantially since the guidance was published).
  • Welsh Government has published one new set of Guidance notes of importance to churches and faith communities, Guidance on youth work – This is additional to the guidance on child care and on children’s activities which are listed in the email below.


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Parch./Revd Gethin Rhys
Swyddog Polisi / Policy Officer
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