Covid-19 Update by Cytûn

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By Cytûn Policy Officer, Revd Gethin Rhys

  1. The local restrictions (Local Health Protection Areas) which are already in place across much of South Wales are being extended to four areas in the north from 6pm tonight – Conwy and Wrexham County Boroughs, Denbighshire and Fflintshire. The details of the additional restrictions are as in the southern Health Protection Areas, and they can be seen at the head of this page: Welsh Government is emphasising that these additional restrictions are temporary and that they will be eased as soon as possible.
  2. The Faith Communities Forum met this morning with Deputy Minister Jane Hutt. The various restrictions and how they work were discussed, and a number of faith communities expressed their concern that there is no legal means to travel beyond each local health protection area to worship in accordance with a particular tradition in another area. We were assured that this is under consideration by the Government. We were assured also that the Welsh Government guidance on places of worship and on community activities, which are now dated and fail to answer many frequently asked questions, are to be updated in the coming weeks. Cytûn is aware from the many enquiries we receive that there is now considerable confusion regarding exactly what is permitted in our buildings in the restricted areas and in the rest of Wales, and that the regulations are now overly complex. This was conveyed to Welsh Government today and we are confident that our comments were heard.