Covid-19 Update

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This is the latest update from Cytûn’s Policy Officer, Revd Gethin Rhys.

  1. The revised regulations which came into force in Wales on Friday evening have today been published on the Welsh Government website –
  2. These regulations include a provision that wedding receptions booked prior to December 4 may include the serving of alcohol, and the serving of food until 10pm, to up to 15 guests (with children under 11 additional to this maximum). Wedding receptions arranged after December 4 will be subject to the rules regarding not serving alcohol, and not serving any food or drink after 6pm. Although only a few places of worship cater for wedding receptions, and there are no changes to the arrangements for marriage services, some ministers may receive enquiries from couples who wish to postpone their wedding, and they should be aware that re-booking the reception will be subject to the new, stricter, regulations. The full guidance regarding wedding receptions can be found here –
  3. Welsh Government has republished the guidance on funerals, which disappeared from the website a few weeks ago – Apart from updating a number of cross-references, and some changes to remain consistent with other guidance, I have not managed to find any substantive changes compared to the previous version.
  4. In his press conference on December 4, the First Minister of Wales announced that a ‘Christmas bubble’ in the period December 23-27 may include a single person or single parent + children in addition to three households, and that this will apply across the UK. I have not yet seen any other official announcement about this, but Mr Drakeford’s comments can be viewed here – This may be of importance to places of worship arranging services in the period December 23-27, as members of a ‘Christmas bubble’ can sit together during the service if the place of worship’s arrangements permit.