Covid-19 : Latest Update

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Here’s the latest news from Cytûn\s Policy Officer, Revd Gethin Rhys

Welsh Government yesterday published a new coronavirus control plan. The full document can be seen here:  The document should be read in full, but the most pressing information for places of worship and faith communities can be found in the Appendix at the end where the restrictions are listed for each of four levels. We are currently at Level 3.  These tables show that worship, weddings and funerals and child care can continue in all of the four levels – even Level 4 which is similar to a lockdown – subject to safety measures and other restrictions. In Level 4, community activities will be limited to “essential” services, as in previous lockdowns.

The purpose of this document is to give greater certainty regarding the nature of restrictions when they are announced. At times, different parts of Wales may be at different levels. In practice, the legal regulations will be published each time a change of level is required, and there could be detailed changes within those regulations which are not prefigured in this document. We will continue to keep a close eye on the regulations as they are published.

The regulations for the Christmas period (December 23-27) and the period following have not yet been published. We will draw your attention to them when they are available, and our website will be updated accordingly –


Welsh Government would remind you that the health situation in Wales is currently very serious, and all risk assessments for any proposed activity should begin by asking the question Given the inherent risks involved do I need to engage in this activity at all? Are there safer alternatives such as broadcast?