Covid-19 Latest News

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Here’s the latest update from Cytûn Policy Officer, Revd. Gethin Rhys

Welsh Government has now corrected most of the errors in their guidance for places of worship –

They are also regularly publishing further guidance and those relevant to places of worship and their work are linked from Cytûn’s web page.

Unfortunately, the guidance on community activities has not yet been updated, but WCVA has now updated its guidance which will be especially useful in reopening church halls, vestries, etc.

Likewise, Welsh Government guidance on hospitality (including cafes hosted by places of worship) has not yet been updated, but UK Hospitality Wales has published a useful briefing –

We are regularly updating Cytûn’s website –  This week’s updates include:

  • More detailed information about weddings (including when the couple may remove their face coverings) and funerals
  • Updated information about baptism by immersion and about Test Trace Protect following changes in Welsh Government’s guidance
  • A link to detailed guidance about visiting care homes
  • A short new section on communion services – the traditions of Cytûn churches vary so much that it is not possible to offer full guidance, but as we receive frequent inquiries we have noted some points of guidance. Local churches should seek advice from their own denomination in the first instance.
  • A new section bringing together the information about children and young people in places of worship
  • A new section with links to information about the Job Retention (furlough) Scheme and business support schemes. Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise to respond to detailed enquiries in these fields, and denominations are advised to seek their own professional advice when required.

As we hope that this regulatory pattern will be in place for some time, we will welcome any corrections or suggestions as to how we may improve the website to be as useful as possible, within our resources.