Church Message to Muslims

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The President of the Free Church Council of Wales, which acts on behalf of nine denominations and unions, has sympathised with Muslim communities affected by the attack at Finsbury Park, London.
“May I, on behalf of the Free Church Council of Wales, extend our condolences to the Muslim Community of Cardiff and beyond in whatever way they have been affected by the dreadful incident at Finsbury Park,” said Rheinallt A. Thomas. 
“As Free Churches we believe that everyone has the right to exercise their beliefs and conduct their worship without fear or favour.
It is most tragic that all Muslims are being tarred with the extremist brush when we actually know that it is only a very small percentage of Muslims who fit into that category.
Most, if not all, religions have a small extremist fringe which tarnish the good name of the majority of adherents.
Your community is in our prayers. Our best wishes and kindest regards.”
Rheinallt A Thomas
President/ Llywydd