Christian Aid’s 70th Birthday

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Sermon: The Right Reverend ROWAN WILLIAMS

Light refreshments will follow the service.



2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the British Council of Churches by Christian Aid at the end of World War II, was originally designed as a response to human crisis of the churches in Europe. Today, there’s a crisis in Europe again.

christian aid logoChristian Aid’s association with Wales is deep-rooted, and harks back to the beginnings of the organisation. Over the years it has developed a distinct Welsh identity, which is highly valued by supporters. Across Wales its work has helped unite communities and enabled them to contribute to alleviating the deprivations of poverty in parts of the world less fortunate than our own. Today, Christian Aid’s engagement throughout Wales is stronger than ever, working with over 1,500 Churches, and tens of thousands of individual supporters.

In the name of UK churches, Christian Aid works with 726 partners in over 40 countries, tackling the root causes of poverty as well as fighting its effects. Its work includes disaster relief, such as in Nepal and the Philippines, responding to the crises of conflict, such as in Gaza and Iraq, and combating the challenges of climate change, for example through sustainable farming techniques in Ghana.

Last year the charity’s income was over £100 million. Wales contributed generously towards this amount, ensuring that more people than ever receive Christian aid.

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, the charity invites the churches to hold a special collection on Sunday 27 September towards Christian Aid. If every church in Wales collect £70 each (a pound for every year!), that would amount to about a quarter of a million pounds – a sum that would, for example, fund Christian Aid’s work in Guatemala for a whole year.

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