Car factory not Military Academy

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Tyst delwedd st athan astonJust six years after the plan to open a massive military academy in St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan was scrapped, it was announced that Aston Martin is opening a factory on the site, creating 750 new jobs.

This will be a great boost to the Welsh economy and is unlikely to have happened had the previous plan to establish the military academy gone ahead.  The Union of Welsh Independents firmly opposed the academy, which was abandoned in 2010 due to defence cuts.

 In welcoming the news about Aston Martin, Dr Geraint Tudur, General Secretary of the Union of Welsh Independents said: “We’re delighted that a large part of the MOD’s site at St Athan will now be used by Aston Martin as a car plant, providing many hundreds of well-paid jobs, rather than as a training centre for warfare.”

The company will use a massive hanger originally intended for servicing military aircraft. Although £113m was spent on building the Red Dragon Super Hanger about ten years ago, it’s been empty.