Brexit: Praying for tolerance and respect

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At this time of great uncertainty due to Brexit, ministers and members in chapel services across Wales will be praying today that politicians and others may exercise caution and wisdom. A prayer was compiled by the Union of Welsh Independents for distribution to 400 chapels. “The current confusion is causing frustration and anger,” said Revd Dyfrig Rees, the Union’s General Secretary. “As Christians, we have a duty to pray that people exercise tolerance and respect for those with different opinions.”

The Prayer/ Y Weddi

Loving Father, we turn to you at a time of frightening uncertainty in our country’s history and in the history of our continent and the world. We are indeed living in strange days with daily developments causing constant disorder and increased confusion that so often give rise to anger and aggressive frustration. In our distress we ask You to plant wisdom within us, along with understanding and love. We earnestly request that these blessings fall in abundance upon our leaders, elected and voluntary, and upon their workforce. Fill us with goodwill and help us practice forbearance and to give to others – even those who hold opposing views to us – the proper respect that each individual deserves. Our prayer is, thy kingdom come, today, as always. Bend us to your will and your governance in order that we see the world living according to your design so that everybody experiences the fullness of life regardless. In the name of Jesus. Amen  

Ein Tad cariadus, trown atat mewn cyfnod o ansicrwydd brawychus yn hanes ein gwlad, ein cyfandir a’n byd.Mae’n ddyddiau dieithr â datblygiadau’r naill ddiwrnod ar ôl y llall yn achosi penbleth a dryswch cynyddol inni a hynny’n troi’n rhwystredigaeth ddig ac ymosodol mor fynych. Yn ein gofid gofynnwn i Ti blannu ynom ddoethineb a phwyll ynghyd â chariad. Deisyfwn y bendithion hyn yn helaeth ar ein harweinwyr, etholedig a gwirfoddol ac ar eu timoedd gwaith. Llanw ni ag ewyllys dda a helpa ni i ymarfer goddefgarwch ac i roddi i eraill, hyd yn oed y rhai sy’n groes eu daliadau a’u barn i ni, y parch sy’n ddyledus i bob un. Deled dy deyrnas yw’n gweddi, heddiw, fel erioed. Plyg ni i’th ewyllys a’th lywodraeth er mwyn inni weld y byd yn byw yn ôl dy fwriadau a bywyd yn ei holl gyflawnder yn eiddo i bawb yn ddi-wahan.Yn enw Iesu. Amen.