An essential KIT bag

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The members of Horeb Penydarren have put in place a method of Keeping in Touch (KIT) which we’ve called our KIT bag.

We thought through several methods of keeping our chapel family informed, supported and strong, during our enforced break in services, and came to the conclusion that not everyone could access group chats via smart phones. After a few phone calls it was evident that almost all members had an email address. We could chat, share resources and pictures by using a group email. 

We think of the email contact as our keeping in touch bag or KIT bag, we put into it any worship suggestions, prayers, ideas, online links, photos, problems, concerns and worries. Then hopefully our chapel family will be able to take out of the KIT bag what they need, until we are able to meet in Horeb again.

We share everything from world news to Welsh Government advice and local information. It’s easier for our members to have all the information given to them in one ‘bag’ via hyperlinks, rather than individual messages to access a variety of websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. 

So far, we’ve used our KIT bag to: 

  • offer support to each other
  • put up requests and offers to pick up prescriptions or shopping
  • request prayers for family and friends
  • put up links to websites and online church resources
  • share photos e.g. of our candles of hope in windows, of working from home
  • remind us of interesting programmes and services on TV or radio
  • and of course, anything else we can think of

Our friends in the faith have been wonderful in supporting us by sharing not only Undeb services and advice, but an eclectic mix of sermons and prayers from within and outside of our tradition.  We’ve even included calls for prayers from The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury. It’s a time for coming together when we cannot come together, and we’ve been doing just that. And even though we’re apart, we’ve been able to support campaigns, light candles to put in windows, leave daffodils and eggs on doorsteps for Mothers’ Day and Easter and clap for our carers.

We are attempting to put together a short video to send out in place of our usual family service on Easter Sunday and so far, we’ve had readings, poems, hymns and prayers submitted from our membership. Now all we have to do is to put them together! Who knows if it will be successful, we’ve never done this before, but without trying we’ll never know. As a church we’re coming together in spirit and trying new things and it’s inspiring new initiatives. 

Judith Mulry

Update: the video was completed and shared among the members, the group had a lovely family service on Easter Sunday.