A letter to the American Ambassador

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The President of the Union of Welsh Independent Churches has sent a letter to the US Ambassador in the UK expressing shock at what’s happening in his country and horror at President Trump’s reaction. The Revd Jill-Hailey Harries said that the President’s pugnacious stance while wielding a Bible outside a church had aggravated an already inflammatory situation. She expressed her sadness that some demonstrations escalate to riots, but appreciated the fear and frustration that drives people to such desperate measures.

 6 June 2020

Dear U.S. Ambassador,

We are writing to you in our capacity as President and as Chair of the Christian Citizenship Department of the Union of Welsh Independents, representing over 400 congregational Christian churches in Wales.

We are compelled to register our shock and consternation effected by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of State Police, the ensuing protests and rallies across the USA, and President Donald Trump’s perception of the crisis and his belligerent response.

We have always abhorred racism, and believe in the right to protest. We are saddened how some demonstrations have escalated to riots. However, we fully appreciate the fear and frustration that drive people to such desperate measures and are horrified to see the President’s antagonism towards his own people.

This culminated in the inexcusable incident outside the Church of St John, when protesters and church leaders and members were forcefully ejected to provide a location for President Trump to address the world press in a pugnacious stance whilst wielding a Bible, thus aggravating an already inflammatory situation.

We sympathise entirely with ethnic minorities in the USA who live in fear of arrest and degradation, we fear for the future stability of your nation, and appreciate the frustration of good, responsible American people who want to make America safe again.

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Jill-Hailey Harries. 

President of Union of Welsh Independents 

Rev. Jeffrey Williams.

Chair Christian Citizenship Department of Union of Welsh Independents