A Devotion for Christian Aid Week

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Recently, my daughter-in-law was making plans for us to look after her children.  Emily’s response (our seven year old grand-daughter) was to say “Sounds like a plan to me! Now Mummy, don’t change it!”.

It’s unlikely that anyone who has read or heard the Bible hasn’t said “That sounds like a plan to me!”, especially considering some of our greatest hymns – “Guide me Oh Thou Great Jehovah” to name but one.


God’s Plan

It is God’s plan that is revealed from the beginning to the end of the Bible.  From creation in Genesis to the new Jerusalem in Revelation, the plan runs throughout it all.  And although the Bible confirms that it is not God’s intention to change that plan, it isn’t so with people.  Along side the revelation of God’s plan in the Bible, we hear the story of people getting to grips with the plan, ignoring it and trying to change at times,  or even trying to pervert it.  “Don’t change it” says God.  “But…” says the people.


The Pentecost

On Sunday the 15th of May, we celebrate one of those key moments with the Pentecost.  It is an amazing picture of the size of God’s plan.  It was promised centuries earlier by the Prophets.  Jesus gives the same promise to his disciples in the upper-room before his ascension, and in the coming of the Spirit that promise is fulfilled.


Co-working with God

This is what we do through worship and the work of the church is to hold fast to the mission, and to say “This sounds like a plan to me!”.


Christian Aid Week

Pentecost this year marks the start of Christian Aid week.  This is a special opportunity to contribute to the fulfillment of that plan. It is an opportunity to get to grips with the way that man in his greed and selfishless has ignored the plan, and tried to confuse and change God’s plan.  It is an opportunity to remind the world of God’s intention.  It is a real opportunity for us to make a difference and to bring freedom.


“Sounds like a plan to you?” Let’s get on with doing it.


Robin Samuel